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  • Scoot Boot

    Revolutionary New Hoof Boots

  • Scoot Boot

    Revolutionary New Hoof Boots

  • Scoot Boot

    Revolutionary New Hoof Boots

  • Scoot Boot

    Revolutionary New Hoof Boots

Scoot Boot (one pair)

$179.00 USD
Includes 1 FREE pair Trail Gaiters Spare straps and hardware

Scoot Boot (one boot)

$89.50 USD
Includes 1 FREE pair Trail Gaiters Spare straps and hardware

Scoot Skins (one pair)

$82.00 USD

Scoot Slims (one pair)

$179.00 USD

Endurance Gaiter Pack (2 Pairs)

$29.00 USD
Scoot Anti Slip Shim - Coming Soon

Scoot Anti Slip Shim - Coming Soon

$20.00 USD

Pastern Strap Pack

$18.00 USD

Trail Gaiter Pack (2 Pairs)

$21.00 USD
Hoof boots that fit a larger fitting range, no cables or velcro, easy on easy off, secure fit, lightweight, low profile, excellent drainage.
  • Cruising along in Scoot Skins

    Rocky Point Grey Carbon Corrosion completed his qualifiying 80km ride at the Mundulla SA State Championships on the weekend with Simon Thomas aboard. Rocky Point Black Xanthanite and I also had a steady 80km completion to pick up 3rd LWT.
    Both horses happily cruised around a fairly concussive ride booted with Scoot Skins.

    Kesey Thomas, South Australia, AUS 

    Cruising along in Scoot Skins
  • Can you jump in Scoot Boots?

    Can you jump in scoot boots? Why YES you can! Here is Robbie and I schooling at home over 1.15m in our scoot boots. He finds my arena surface a little gritty so these boots give him a better feeling.

    Jessie Montgomery, NZ

    Can you jump in Scoot Boots?
  • Cowgirl Rodeo

    Here I am competing in a cowgirl rodeo with my little mare in her scoot boots. They were awesome. Stayed on running, stopping, working cattle all day long.

    Cathi Carson Wright, Texas, USA

    Cowgirl Rodeo
  • Not quite colour coordinated

    So my scoots arrived a couple days ago and I finally got to try them out today- we absolutely love them! Fitted beautifully and made Rosanna a lot more comfortable. We have a very stony track leading out of our yard and usually Ro veers to the grassy sides, but wasn't at all fussed today and walked straight down the middle. I'm also super impressed by the quality and how soft, yet durable the boots are.

    Can't thank scoots enough- not only an absolutely amazing product but the communication and effort put into making sure I got the boots and that they were the right size was fabulous.

    Thankyou so much! Rosanna and I love them and there will be many more pictures to come! (We also need to sort out our colour coordinating! 😂)

    Phoebe Murphy Symonds, Wiltshire, UK

    Not quite colour coordinated
  • Very impressed

    Got my new scoot boots recently. Very impressed with them. Easy to put on, take off and clean afterwards. They stay on going through mud and wet too. Thanks to the scoot boot team for helping me get the right size.

    Elizabeth Hicks, Cambridge, NZ

    Very impressed
  • Success in Alaska

    Just sharing: My appy gelding just did 18 miles in one day on rough trails, rocky, boggy, grassy, wet, up/down hills, in water...all in his scoot boots and not once did they come off! So proud of him and Scoot Boots. Scoot Boots worn in the northern most part of Alaska!!! Success!!

    Lynn Crance, Alaska, USA

    Success in Alaska
  • Endurance fun ride

    Well these dirty bad boys performed brilliantly today on a 28 km endurance fun ride .. deep puddles ... peat bog ... steep stoney tracks ... mountain canters .. very pleased indeed

    Ally Knight, UK 

    Endurance fun ride
  • Everyone is rocking Scoots!

    I was so excited that my new sccot boots arrived (through a nz agent) that I put them on my horse asap (as he has been finding my arena surface tough) and gave them a real test ride! Should have put a coloured strap on as you can hardly see them! So now both my eventing horses are rocking scoots. Cheers for making such a easy to usr product that handles all terrians (including the muddy slippery path to my arena!)

    Jessie Montgomery, NZ

    Everyone is rocking Scoots!
  • First ride a success

    We had our first ride out in the bush with our boots on yesterday! So easy to use.. thank you so much for a great product!

    Danielle Rollings, New South Wales, AUS

    First ride a success
  • Skins on all four

    Roxy cruised around the 40km at Ararat today in her full set of Scoot Skins that were glued a week ago ... she felt amazing!!!!

    Marieke Featonby, Victoria, AUS

    Skins on all four
  • Scooting around Ararat

    Arabec Czar scooted around the 40km qualifier at Ararat this weekend looking super in his scoot boots! He was taking junior rider Hannah around her second 40k qualifier so it was a really big deal for him to complete well, congrats Hannah on now being able to do 80k rides! Czar is next heading to Shahzada to be backup horse for the international riders flying over to compete in the 400k marathon, hopefully he ends up just standing in his yard and not used, but if he is needed then he will put his scoots to the test over some amazing Aussie riding terrain in the Mini Marathon!

    Emma Holland, Victoria, AUS

    Scooting around Ararat
  • Baloo showing off his Scoots

    Here is Baloo showing off his Scoot Boots! We have recently completed two ten mile XC rides covering all types of ground from deep mud to flint tracks and even a river crossing with lots of jumping in between. They never move, twist or rub; we love our Scoots! 🐎

    Clare Butler, UK

    Baloo showing off his Scoots

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