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  • Scoot Boot

    Revolutionary New Hoof Boots

  • Scoot Boot

    Revolutionary New Hoof Boots

  • Scoot Boot

    Revolutionary New Hoof Boots

  • Scoot Boot

    Revolutionary New Hoof Boots

Scoot Boot (one pair)

$179.00 USD
Includes 1 FREE pair Trail Gaiters Spare straps and hardware

Scoot Boot (one boot)

$89.50 USD
Includes 1 FREE pair Trail Gaiters Spare straps and hardware

Scoot Skins (one pair)

$82.00 USD

Scoot Slims (one pair)

$179.00 USD

Endurance Gaiter Pack (2 Pairs)

$29.00 USD

Front Strap Pack

$14.00 USD

Pastern Strap Pack

$18.00 USD

Trail Gaiter Pack (2 Pairs)

$21.00 USD
Hoof boots that fit a larger fitting range, no cables or velcro, easy on easy off, secure fit, lightweight, low profile, excellent drainage.
  • Almost colour coordinated

    So my scoots arrived a couple days ago and I finally got to try them out today- we absolutely love them! Fitted beautifully and made Rosanna a lot more comfortable. We have a very stony track leading out of our yard and usually Ro veers to the grassy sides, but wasn't at all fussed today and walked straight down the middle. I'm also super impressed by the quality and how soft, yet durable the boots are.

    Can't thank scoots enough- not only an absolutely amazing product but the communication and effort put into making sure I got the boots and that they were the right size was fabulous.

    Thankyou so much! Rosanna and I love them and there will be many more pictures to come! (We also need to sort out our colour coordinating! 😂)

    Phoebe Murphy  Symonds, Wiltshire, UK

    Almost colour coordinated
  • Staying on no matter what conditions!

    Got my new scoot boots recently. Very impressed with them. Easy to put on, take off and clean afterwards. They stay on going through mud and wet too. Thanks to the scoot boot team for helping me get the right size.

    Elizabeth Hicks, Cambridge, NZ

    Staying on no matter what conditions!
  • We love Scoots!

    I'd like to say thank you to you all at scoot boot for your great product and wonderful customer service. We love your boots!

    Karlee Williams, AUS

    We love Scoots!
  • Getting stronger and stronger!

    Me and my boy Will out doing a Navigation ride with my club Scater and of course scoots all round. Since taking my boy from shoes to barefoot has been the best descion ever . Scoot boots have been amazing for my boy he has balance again and his feet are getting stronger and stronger each month. Would recommend Scoot boots to all riders they are dutiable and super comfortable for your horse 😀

    Sherilee Goodin, Queensland, AUS 

    Getting stronger and stronger!
  • Prince Palomo's shiny new Scoots

    Prince Palomo's Scoot Boots arrived today. I couldn't wait to try them on. But first I reviewed the video. 😊 These are the easiest and quickest to put on of any boots I've used and went on with a firm tap of my palm. Fit was snug, boot could not be twisted. Horse no longer tender on gravel with this good protection. The advice on fitting from my measurements and pictures were especially helpful.

    Donna Alpaugh, California, USA

    Prince Palomo's shiny new Scoots
  • No 'shoe' worries here!

    During the 3-day ride Veluwe Marathon in the Netherlands. My 'giant' KWPN horse finished well after 81 km, his first event on his Scootboots. No rubs and they never came off. It's great to ride without 'shoe'worries on a beautifull trail.

    Esther Leenen, Someren, NL

    No 'shoe' worries here!
  • Rocking the Scoots in NZ

    My boy rocking his scoot boots as we begin winter fitness work leading up to the New Zealand eventing season. This is my friend riding Robbie and I rode my other boy who will be putting in his order for scoot boots today. He has found the transition to barefoot a bit hard ! Love these boots!

    Jessie Montgomery, NZ 

    Rocking the Scoots in NZ
  • Showing them off every chance we got!

    I LOVE my new Scoot Boots! We just returned from a 3 day camping trail ride in Pineville, Missouri. The terrain there has it all very rocky, steep hills, rock bluffs, mud and open fields. My Scoot Boots were amazing and I felt I had an advantage on the rock bluffs over the other horses with metal shoes. They kept slipping and me and my girl never slipped once bc we had great traction with our Scoot Boots. They never moved. Even played in the local stream. Had people asking about them so we showed them off every chance we got. I so glad we had these wonderful boots!! I HIGHLY recommend them.

    Brooke Kindberg, Arkansas, USA

    Showing them off every chance we got!
  • Loving the Scoot Skins

    I want to say a massive thank you to Marieke Featonby
    I have been stalking Marieke with extreme interest in the Scoot Boot promo and then the glue on Scoot skins which are new.
    I have been researching for months what would possibly be the best solution for my Team Penner - Jack and opted for the scoot skin which were put on a week before this weeks event Round 1 Team Penning Buckle Series .
    I am totally impressed and will continue to use the scoot skin. They not only stayed on but Jack has never felt freer in his movement and during some finer cutting moments he had no problem keeping traction and at the end of the weekend they are still in place and perfect. Even warming him up out of the arena were the ground was slippery due to recent rain he did not slip or slide out once while doing a few spins and turns etc
    Happiest Jack has ever been with all the hoof issues he has had recently. Thank you Marieke Featonby for your recommendation

    Tania Decker, Victoria, AUS

    Loving the Scoot Skins
  • Scooting XC for the first time

    Scooting xc for the first time with our boots no 3 with black straps! Worked really well also @ water. Photo: Lauri Kokkola

    Rita Uotila, Ypäjä, FIN

    Scooting XC for the first time
  • Scootin into a new fitness plan

    My funny pony is too round, and I'm the same... attacking new fitness plan together, went on our first run together... both sported our best running shoes !! (Ground is really hard in the U.K. At the moment, love the soft sound the scoots make, even better than her unbooted hinds !)

    Donatienne Poitras, Saint Albans, UK

    Scootin into a new fitness plan
  • Skipping down the roads

    If you look closely you can see this little man's Scoot Boots sporting the lime green straps! They are covered in mud and dirt from really being tested out on my daughters first navigation ride at Harveydale rodeo ground, they never looked like coming off and our awesome 25yr old pony, Texta, skipped down roads, through mud, over rocks like a teenager 😁 thank-you again Scoot Boot for giving my daughter boots for her pony 😍 it was very generous and I'm glad I got to meet Dave and thank him personally for their kindness 😃 PS the kids got boots on also 😝😉

    We had 3 ponies wearing scoots in our group of 7 riders, with 3 now wanting to buy some

    Cristy Hall, Tasmania, AUS

    Skipping down the roads

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