Pastern Strap Pack

$21 USD

The pastern strap is designed to help prevent the boot from being pulled off due to an overreach, or sucked off when riding through mud. It is not intended to be the primary source of securement. The strap is made of very strong thermoplastic urethane (TPU) and is designed to stretch when placed under load, so the strap will not affect the horse’s pasterns if secured correctly. It also has a number of holes to provide the correct setting, depending on the thickness of the horse’s pasterns.

Pack includes four pastern straps of the same colour.

Make sure your horse is standing with its legs at 90 degrees. Once secured, you should be able to place one finger (large) or two fingers (small) under the straps at the front of the pastern. It is important to have the correct fit in order for the pastern strap to function correctly.

Small fits Scoot Boot size M00-00
Medium fits Scoot Boot sizes 0-3
Large fits Scoot Boot sizes 4-9
Extra Large fits Scoot Boot Size 10-11

Customer Reviews

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Yvonne Mainville

Very good quality

Sherrylynn Fenton
My Order

Very pleased my order was deliver very promptly :-)

Anne Amesbury

Love the colour

Erna Delaney

Love the purple! Easy fast ordering and delivery.

Heidi Worsham
? On your sale and love the Dandy loves the boots

I did receive but was thinking I was getting a sale price by your sales add very confusing. I order the yellow and thought it was the sale .
But I have had the the shoes for 2 years and need replacement s I live the boots I ride a pleasure horse a big quarter horse and we have not been disappointed with boots except they are sometimes difficult to put on . I us a hoof pic to put the small straps on to Chicago screw . But been up steep mountains in rivers and mud and haven’t lost a boot
And no disappointment there . The pasturn straps
Do break easily by the notch hole . And I have lost the keepers especially if they’re the same color as as the pastor and strap . The black ones are hard to find if they fall off. That my thoughts .

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