Scoot Boot Features at Top US Event with Parelli

It’s always great to see our stockists engaging with our brand partners at Parelli.

Alyson Scott, one of our valued stockists in Ohio, represented Scoot Boot at the Equine Affaire – the top equine exposition and equestrian gathering in the US.

There she met face-to-face with the Parelli team, who also hosted a stand, which attracted significant crowds over the four days.

We encourage more stockists, particularly in the US, to get involved with Parelli, as there are opportunities such as referral schemes that we can explore together.

Scoot Boot and Parelli have recently teamed up to raise awareness about hoof health and effective horsemanship techniques.

We are committed to promoting natural horse welfare and engaging with communities at the grassroots level.

“We respect all equines as loving, intelligent animals,” Scoot Boot CEO Annette Kaitinis says.

“My quest is to keep everything natural for the horse. It is important to give them the protection that is needed when we are in rough terrain.”

Pat says, “Most horse lovers know horseshoes are a necessary evil.”

“Understanding how to bond and communicate with your equine naturally is important as we move away from a 2000-year old tradition of working and shoeing horses.”

If you would like to know more about referral schemes with Scoot Boot and Parelli, please email