Equine Affaire in Ohio

One of our USA Stockists, Alyson Scott, held a booth at the recent Equine Affaire expo in Ohio.

We checked in with Alyson to hear more about her experience being an exhibitor at such a large event. Here are some of her takeaways following a recent interview.

What were some of your experiences as a Scoot Boot Stockists holding a booth at such a large event?

We had a lot of interest from people who were curious about Scoot Boots and were really happy to get their hands on them to see in person. Some people were wanting to change from a brand they were already using, but just as many had never even seen Scoot Boots before. I met quite a few already using Scoots and loving them, some needed advice, and just as many others hadn't seen the Enduro model yet.

It's great to see you met up with Pat Parelli and promoting the partnership between Scoot Boot and Parelli Natural Horsemanship, what was it like to meet Pat?

I was pleasantly surprised by Pat Parrelli when he 1st stopped by my Booth, however I was pretty nervous and at a bit of a loss for words other than "I'm so excited to see your work in-person"  I may have fanned out a little in that first meeting 😅. He was super nice and professional, and came back by my booth several times to check in and see how things were going which I really appreciated. They often had giveaways at the Parellli booth, which Pat stopped and invited me to come be a part of when he gave away a pair of Scoot Boots. He gave a very nice endorsement and constantly referred potential booters to our booth.

Any tips you would offer to Stockists wanting to have a booth at a similar event?

I think my vendor set up was good and efficient having a simple set up so as not to overwhelm new clients. I kept extra accessories on the back or under the table so that I could quickly grab them when people asked pertinent questions. In the future I will definitely want to purchase a horizontal banner to hang above my booth for better visibility.  It was also really good to have the largest and smallest sizes of Scoot Boots available to show people. They often don't understand that there is just a tight tolerance between boot sizes and it helps to have a visual in regards to the client guessing the size they need based on the chart alone.

Thank you, Alyson, for your attendance at the Equine Affaire Expo, it’s great to see our Stockists attending events and trade shows, broadening their customer reach and growing their business.

If you are a Scoot Boot Stockist and keen to explore attending trade shows, you can email us for assistance with marketing and vendor set up on marketing@scootboots.com.  For tips on attending events you can take a look at our events page here on the Stockist Hub.