Scoot Pads

$28 USD
Scoot Pads are used for sensitive soles or to assist fitting in between sizes. We only recommend you use pads if necessary. Most horses do not need pads in Scoot Boots. Using pads may affect the fit of the boots and you may need to go up a size to accommodate pads.

Scoot Pads are made from TPU and are designed to provide relief to horses with sensitive soles. They can also be used to help get a good fit if your horse is in between sizes.

Pack includes 4 pads.

Scoot Pad sizing corresponds to whichever size Scoot Boot your horse fits.

Sizes 000 - 2 have thickness of 3mm

Sizes 3 - 9 have thickness of 4mm

*If used with Scoot Slims you will need to cut the pads to shape.

Customer Reviews

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roberta earley

Love the boots so much ordered a second pair..

Happy Horse Feet

The scoot boot pads are great. They are easy to insert, stay in place and definitely provided the extra comfort my horse needed!

Megan Antes
Scoot boot pads were a game changer

Scoot boot pads greatly helped my mare who was suffering from foot sensitivity due to thin soles. She was playing in her pasture again within 5 days of trying the scoot boots and pads. She is back to her former level of dressage training, thanks to Scoot Boots and pads.

Celia Westbury
Best Hoof Boot

I have used many different hoof protection boots for my horses for over the dozen years they have been part-time barefoot. I always take the shoes off my horses every winter, beginning after the first rain when the ground is soft, to help w/their transition to barefoot. I keep them barefoot for about 3 months so their hooves/frogs can relax. Scoot Boots are so easy to use during that barefoot time. They are so easy to put on & take off, unlike other brands. They don’t get filled w/dirt or sand as other boots have. Because of the reduced material used in construction (versus other brands), they are light weight & more efficient.
I compete in a variety of western disciplines, reined cow horse in particular. I need to put shoes & “sliders” back on my horse when shows season begins. I am hoping that soon a “rear slider” - boot version could be made! I also like ride on rugged trails & compete in cross country trail trials. I have to limit that when my horse have their sliders on - it’s just too slippery!
I would love to have a set of Scoot Boots that I can use for reined cow & then be able to switch out to a durable trail version set (w/cleats?), when I want to do trail. To have such versatility w/theses kinds of boots would be great!
I appreciate all discounts available!

Mary sasso
Scoot boots

This product has helped my 22 year old gelding go barefoot for the first time. Glad the accessories are made in colors as he looses pieces often.

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