Scoot Pads

$25 USD

Scoot Pads are used for sensitive soles or to assist fitting in between sizes. We only recommend you use pads if necessary. Most horses do not need pads in Scoot Boots. Using pads may affect the fit of the boots and you may need to go up a size to accommodate pads.

Scoot Pads are made from TPU and are designed to provide relief to horses with sensitive soles. They can also be used to help get a good fit if your horse is in between sizes.

Pack includes 4 pads.

Scoot Pad sizing corresponds to whichever size Scoot Boot your horse fits.

Sizes 000 - 2 have thickness of 3mm

Sizes 3 - 9 have thickness of 4mm

*If used with Scoot Slims you will need to cut the pads to shape.

Customer Reviews

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Silvia Tagliaferri
Anti slip rear hoof

Buyed for better sizing the rear hoofs (2 slim) for my PSI…she loves hoof boots!!

Irene Holland
thin soled

My horse has very thin soles and doesn't really grow much heel, so I bought some scoot boots and pads to try.
Holy mackerel did they ever make a difference!!!
Almost right away she wasn't hurting to lunge, she got sooo happy!!
I HIGHLY recommend!!!

Petra Porter
Scoot pads

Jury is still out on the pads. While they definitely help with the fit when in between sizes (straight after a trim) the one time I used them they did move out of place a bit (edge slipped out on one side) and at the end of the ride they looked flattened especially where the hoof mark is and worn out. Will try them again though and see if it works better once they have been worn before (not so much give maybe).

Yvonne Mainville
Pad Inserts

Very durable and fits like a glove in the Scoot Boots. Very helpful for my Horses feet, she has to wear them during the day 7 days a week, due to Laminitis.

Silvia Rogers
Scoot Pads

I have a heavy horse that suffers with abscesses and hoof pain. As we work through it, she gets relief from wearing scoot boots with pads. It is so good to see her walking pain free. I am so happy with the Boots and Pads !

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