Front Strap Pack

$16 USD

The front closure straps are designed to make the application and removal process of the Scoot Boot very simple and practical. As with the pastern strap, the front closure straps are made of thermoplastic urethane (TPU), which has excellent strength and flexibility.

Pack includes 6 front straps.

It is easy to pull off the front straps and replace them with a different colour.

Customer Reviews

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Kara Dodson
A great purchase

I love that scoot boots are so easy to fix and replace any straps that wear out or stretch after hard use. These are a great product I’ll be a lifetime buyer !

Kaitlyn Sorensen
Colorful & Fun

The front straps I got in different colors not just for the looks but also it helps differentiate from my back boots easily and when riding with others it makes it easy to spot if they’re still on or have adjusted in anyway.

Cameron Bearman
Great product and great service

An awesome idea executed very well. Have a green horse who i thought would not take well to them. Ended up loving them and had no troubles. Had a little issue with a cracked strap. This was resolved and replaced with no questions asked. Would highly recommend for any barefoot poines.

Julie Leitl
Front strap pack

The straps are thicker than some previous ones so I’m happier with these new ones. I do think though that selling them in packs of six is very inconvenient. People either have 2 or 4 boots. Please either have a 4 pack, for one pair, or 8 pack for 2 pairs of boots. I also think you should supply them with the necessary screws instead of having to buy separate pack. I suggest you should make up a “spare parts” pack that contains front straps, screws, and pastern straps for a pair of boots. Fitters/sellers are more likely to be the ones buying bulk packs of each item, not horse/boot owners.

Viola Reith
Buying replacement straps

The order was processed very quickly and arrived within days. Always happy with the service.

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