Scoot Boots


$95.00 USD

Please note: Horses should be sized using our sizing service. Click here to let us size you. Use our sizing service and we will also ship to you and exchange for free if we get it wrong.

Why Scoot Boots

Scoot Boots are the latest innovation in hoof boot technology and are superior and unique to any other horse boot on the market. Scoot Boots are constructed of a very strong thermo plastic urethane making them extremely robust and lightweight.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Easy on easy off
  • Will not get soggy, heavy or wet when riding through muddy and wet terrain
  • Superb strength over all types of terrain
  • Superior traction
  • No cables or Velcro
  • Lightweight — only 250g
  • Great ventilation and breathability for hot climate riding
  • Excellent drainage
  • Easy to clean
  • Will fit hooves securely throughout a trimming cycle
  • no adjustment is required as the boot is secured by parts of the hoof that do not grow

Sizing and Fitting

Scoot Boot offers a free sizing service. When you take up our sizing service, you will be rewarded with free shipping and covered by our free exchange policy. Let us size your horse. Additional information is also available in our FAQ section.

What accessories are included

Included with each pair of Scoot Boots:

  • Four pastern straps in black
  • Two spare black front closure straps (M00, M0, M1, M2 & M3 sizes have one spare strap)
  • Four spare knob hooks plus screws
  • One pair Trail Gaiters

Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Greatest hoof boots my horse has ever had

Scoot boots fit snug and are very sturdy. My horse loves that they do not obstruct his movement. He has bucked and bolted and galloped over fields. The hoof boots will deform and go right back to place. He has twisted them when doing a 180 -no problem for Scoot boots.
I’m amazed by how much the hoof boots assimilate to the hoof. They fit great (thanks to the online sizing service) and do not rub his hoof bulb. When I take the boots off, you can see little marks on the toe. They’re still quite tight there and it’s not the easiest task to put them on. I don’t know what I would do without Julia’s hoof pick tip and I will use it until the hoof boots get more worn in.
There is no left and right which concerns me a bit because the shoes are said to widen in accord with the hoof form. The outer walls of my horse’s hooves are angled flatter than the inner ones. I’m gonna mark them and always use the same boot for left and right.
The hoof boots have been worn for about 75 kilometers on dirt roads. The tread has worn quite a bit but, as of yet, they work perfectly. These are the best hoof boots my horse has ever had and the customer service is incredible. I would 100% recommend buying Scoot Boots.

1st ride

I got a good fit, according to the directions. But the first creek my horse jumped it and stepped on his front boot and pulled it off. It went back on just fine and stayed on the rest of the ride, but I’ve got to get the mud straps and learn how to put them on. So far I really like them. The jury is still out on the long term


After the first few minutes, my horse
Said “I got this!” They fit perfectly. Easy on and off. And they look pretty cool too.

Can’t say enough about your customer service. EXEMPLARY

Waiting for my exchange

Had to send the size 1 back and waiting to receive my size 2


Great Shoes and the Size is perfekt

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