Scoot Pads

$25 USD

Scoot Pads are used for sensitive soles or to assist fitting in between sizes. We only recommend you use pads if necessary. Most horses do not need pads in Scoot Boots. Using pads may affect the fit of the boots and you may need to go up a size to accommodate pads.

Scoot Pads are made from TPU and are designed to provide relief to horses with sensitive soles. They can also be used to help get a good fit if your horse is in between sizes.

Pack includes 4 pads.

Scoot Pad sizing corresponds to whichever size Scoot Boot your horse fits.

Sizes 000 - 2 have thickness of 3mm

Sizes 3 - 9 have thickness of 4mm

*If used with Scoot Slims you will need to cut the pads to shape.

Customer Reviews

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Mary sasso
Scoot boots

This product has helped my 22 year old gelding go barefoot for the first time. Glad the accessories are made in colors as he looses pieces often.

Brianna G
Thoroughbreds best friend!

My mare is very flat footed and she is off and on soundness wise with shoes so I went to barefoot trimming and scoot boots with pads and she is so much happier!

Janet Brogdon
Pads for Boots

Haven't used them but I know they will feel good for the girls on those rocky trails

Shelly Buchanan
Scoot Pads

My new farrier trimmed my pony's hooves up such that his Scoot Boots spun around on the trail. The scoot pads fixed the problem. Now we're able to use the pads throughout the hoove growth and trim cycle which is a bit relief.

Nicky Blackwell
Scoot Pads

Love the Scoot pads, they add extra padding on the hard road rides and better fittings for the in between trims for hard to fit horse. Easy to clean and fit.

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