Scoots over Sliders

We have some good news for reiners following our recent visit with one of Australia’s top reining performance riders, Scott Burnett.

Scott has been competing in reining events for most of his life and had never before heard of Scoot Boots and the benefits they provide reiners. 

Our Scoot Boots actually fit perfectly over sliders - a shoe that is wider and longer than traditional shoes used for the rear hooves.

In fact the opening design of Scoot Boots at the rear heel bulbs provides for the sliders to fit through, giving stability for the horse to exercise freely and with added security as the slider holds the Scoot in place. 

Scoots  boots are the only hoof boot on the market that will fit over a slider. 

After fitting our Scoot Boots on Scott’s two performance horses, the Scoots gave excellent traction on slopes, dry grass and gravel.

They also provide excellent traction and protection for horses being transported to events. 

With Scoots over sliders there is no slippage, falls or risk of injury, plus the horses can increase their exercise and overall fitness and wellbeing.