From Skeptic to Scoot Boot Stockist!

If the CEO of Nike called & asked you to sell their products, would you? 

For someone who is brand loyal to Nike (me), that would be fun to help others fall in love with them too! Stocking Nike merchandise would also mean I had access to their products at a discount. That's how a majority of stockists begin; they transition from being regular customers to loyal followers, then stockists. 

How does someone go from skeptic to stockist?

As a group, equestrians tend to be reasonably stubborn creatures of habit. But we also LOVE spreading the word about a new product that works well, solves problems, and saves us money. These are just some of our many endearing qualities. 

When Mary discovered our boots kept shoes off her horses while protecting their feet from rocky terrain, she couldn't help but share.

See Mary and her husband love vacations where they explore new trails and ride 20 miles a day for up to 2 weeks. You can imagine their frustration when the horses they brought on trips continued to lose shoes and sometimes a piece of their hoof, too. Paying thousands in shoes before leaving just to lose them three days into their vacation wasn't working. She needed to find a better way to keep her horse's feet healthy. 

So when she began researching alternatives to shoes, Scoots popped up and from an economic standpoint, quickly became the definite solution to her problem. She ran the numbers and even if she lost one boot a trip, she would come out ahead. But after her first two-week trip with all three horses outfitted with Scoots, she was sold beyond the fact she was saving money. When her OTTB who hadn't worn shoes since retiring from the track experienced no rubbing or twisting and even broke into a full gallop with zero issues, she was ecstatic. 

Mary quickly went from skeptic buyer to loyal Scoots enthusiast and is now a Scoot Boots stockist. 

Are traditional practices and products holding you back?

When a new product hits the market, we're excited, but our traditional roots run deep. So we don't necessarily jump in heels first; especially when the product is designed to be a natural substitute for a staple product in our world, like horseshoes.

There comes a point where a new solution to an age-old problem becomes a necessity - like using a product that helps you escape a losing battle with shoeing your horse. 

Because the fact is, leaving your horse barefoot is best and we specifically designed Scoots to support the hoof when needed, but easily removed without cables or velcro. They provide a cost-effective and comfortable solution for both the horse and rider. 

Shoeing a horse that can't seem to keep them on for more than a week is one of those problems horse owners tend to deal with -- until now. Because when you're the owner of that horse, losing shoes becomes a considerable inconvenience and significant expense. 

That's when some of our most loyal stockists meet us - while searching for an economical way to keep shoes off their horses without skipping a beat in the saddle. 

Have you rethought your horse’s hoof health lately? See if we’re a good fit and how we can help!



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