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Let us Select your Size

We offer a free sizing service simply because we get it right approximately 98% of the time - this accuracy reduces when customers size themselves. Getting it correct the first time eliminates return issues. 

Due to variables in a hoof shape, there is a chance we may size your horse incorrectly so do not assume that the size we advise is correct. If the size does not feel correct please contact us to seek further advice.

Before measuring, ensure your horse has had a correct barefoot trim (ie rolled toe, bevelled hoof wall and low heel). Measurements need to be taken within 2 weeks of a trim.

Take three photos of each hoof as per the images below:

  • first photo - start your tape measure at the center of the toe and work backwards over the frog, level with the flat surface of the heels (heel buttress). Do not measure to the back of the heels where they contact the skin as indicated below
  • second photo - place your tape measure across the widest part of the hoof
  • third photo - front of hoof which shows shape
First Photo
Second Photo
Third Photo





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