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  • We offer a free sizing service with free shipping. We'll also cover costs to exchange if we get it wrong and you purchase from this website.
  • If you choose to size yourself, all shipping costs are on you, including the cost to exchange should you size incorrectly.

Why? We want our customers to have the best possible experience in Scoots and we get the size right 95% of the time. Please select your preferred option below.

For the video demonstration on how to size click HERE otherwise follow the steps below


Ensure your horse has had a correct barefoot trim - rolled toe, bevelled hoof wall, low heel and all flare removed


Take three photos of each hoof within two weeks of your barefoot trim as follows:

First Image

Measure from the center of the toe and down over the frog

Second Image

Measure across widest part of hoof

Third Image

Take a clear photo directly infront of the hoof


Send your pics by:

When you receive your boots, please follow our fitting guidelines which you can view HERE

To size your horse you will need the following:

1. Two measurements per hoof

First Measurement - Length

The correct measurement is taken at the heel buttress. 120mm or 4 3/4" in this example

First Measurement - HEEL BUTTRESS

Measure to the heel buttress only, and not to where the hoof contacts the skin

Second Measurement - Width

Place your tape measure across the widest part of the hoof. 120mm or 4 3/4" in this example

2. An understanding of which hooves are not suitable for Scootboots. Vertical walled hooves and flared hooves are NOT suitable and generally your measurements will tell you this

3. An understanding of the sizing tables. In our example above, the correct size is a size 3 regular.

Scoot Boots Sizing Chart

Scoot Slims Sizing Chart

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