Co-Founder and Director
I’ve spent a lifetime around horses from starting horses to becoming a full time farrier for 15 years before I discovered the advantages of keeping horses barefoot. I felt compelled to spread the word and started designing and developing hoof boots, starting with the “Old Macs” through to our current Scoot Boot. Barefoot is the way of the future.


Co-Founder and CEO
My passion is my family, friends, animals and in particular, horses. I’m grateful that I now have a platform to change and improve the welfare of horses and change the mindset of equine owners to allow their horses to run bare rather than having iron nailed onto their hooves.


Chief Financial Officer
I love helping to get the word out to the world on the benefits of barefoot. I have 3 horses, all of which are barefoot (of course) and are kitted out in their own colour coordinated Scoots. I am also a keen gardener and love exploring the Tasmanian wilderness.


Ecommerce Director
I love seeing a healthy supply chain and am always looking for ways to improve efficiency. I'm a closet foodie, lover of sport and enjoy tinkering the keys on my piano outside of Scoot Boot hours.


Office Manager
My background is in HR and Recruitment in the aviation industry. When I moved to Tasmania I was fortunate to move into my role at Scoot Boot. I love working for Scoot Boot as we are all like minded when it comes to animal welfare and wanting to make the world a better place for our equine companions. In my spare time I love to go bushwalking and exploring the beautiful state I live in - there's always something new to see and do!


Marketing Project Manager
My background is in painting and graphic design and I have lived and worked around the world. I love to experience different cultures! The Scoot Boot office is such a great place to work and improving our processes always makes the environment fun and inspiring. Outside of the office you will find me out walking in nature, pottering in the garden or playing with my furry friends.


Sizing Specialist
I am passionate about the barefoot movement and enjoy helping horses achieve great health through my work as a trimmer and as a Scoot fitter in the field. I have three beautiful daughters, four horses, a dog, a cat, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens and I'm in the process of building my own house, which keeps me busy. . . . . . and I wouldn't have it any other way!


Customer Experience Consultant
I've owned and worked with horses my whole life and am passionate about their welfare. I love problem solving and putting a smile on people’s faces through customer support at Scoot Boot. In my spare time I love to go camping and especially love the East Coast of Tasmania.


Stockist Specialist
I have grown up with a very strong passion for horses. Riding, owning and attending horse camps. I believe in the importance of the humane treatment of horses, and the barefoot movement is a crucial part of that. My professional life has been in sales and customer service, with graphic design and art background. It is so rewarding to help customers find solutions to problems and get to know them on a personal level.
Social Media Manager
Horses have always been the most consistent thing in my life since I got my first pony when I was 8 years old in 1987. Wherever I have travelled or lived in the world, horses have always been around me. My big passion with horses is barefoot trimming, nutrition and keeping horses engaged and active in a safe and natural environment. I'm originally from Denmark and moved to Tasmania in 2018 and in 2020 I started working for Scoot Boots. I primarily help Scoot Boot out with their social media and try to create an inspiring and friendly space where all horse-loving people have a safe place to discuss and ask questions.
Administration and Digital Assistant
I joined the Scoot Boots crew after retiring from a 32 year career in TV production. I've always appreciated photography and love helping out with filming and video editing at Scoot Boots. I've owned horses since I was 12. I currently have a family of 4 warmbloods expanding over 3 generations, that I bred myself. I'm still an active rider, competing in lower level dressage and jumping, exploring the local riding trails often accompanied by my Great Dane, or attending various horse clinics. You can never stop learning about horses.


Marketing Assistant
I love working at Scoot Boot and what the company stands for. I enjoy working on building a strong brand identity and presence in the equine world by organising and attending events or by communicating our values with our Scoot users. There is so much that can be done! I am outgoing and always love a good chat - if you don't mind my French accent. Outside of work, you will find me at a wine bar, trying a new restaurant, or exploring the beautiful island of Tasmania.
Administration Assistant
My name is Macy and I’m the Administration & Marketing Assistant for Scoot Boot. I am currently in my gap year and am planning on going to University in 2021 to start my journey of becoming a Veterinarian! I absolutely love all animals and love working with horses at Scoot Boot. I am an avid baker and love to spend my time with my family, friends and pets.


Dog Executive Officer (DEO)
My drive and passion for cuddles, scratches and treats push me daily in the Scoot Office. During my shifts you will find me scanning the carpet for scent errors, monitoring the tables for unnecessary particles and acting as a safety cushion in the event a staff member miscalculates their move on a giant resting paw.

I am also Head of Patistics and find that the number of belly rubs given per hour is directly correlated with Scoot Boot’s success. I mosey from workstation to workstation, receiving Pats and ensuring my colleagues maintain a high level of morale. Making sure all team members are happy is important to me, from our hooved models to our other furry casual staff. Supervising the team from my executive bean bag, I take my role seriously.

When not in the Office, you will find me at the beach improving my hole-digging skills and enjoying strolls with my furry friends and favourite human. Other special talents are aerating the compost and landscaping the yard with important treats.



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