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FAQ - Skins

How can I tell whether I have the correct size?

Refer to our 'Fitting' page. 

Scoot Boots v Scoot Skins

Scoot boots are the preferred hoof protection for the majority of riding disciplines.

Scoot Skins are specifically for elite endurance riders who ride distances of between 80km - 160km who do not want to risk losing a boot. Skins are also recommended for disciplines where regular hoof boots are not permitted and also for rehabbing unattended horses.
How do I size for Scoot Skins?

Scoot Skins fit differently to our regular Scoot boots. When measuring for Scoot Skins obtain the hoof's width measurement and then select the size indicated on the Skins size chart.

I have never used Glue On Boots before - what are the steps required?

As gluing is an acquired skill you should seek out a skilled hoof care provider experienced in the art of gluing to do your initial work.

How long can Scoot Skins be left on?

Scoot Skins can be left on for an entire five week trim cycle.

Can leaving Scoot Skins on for extended periods result in hoof health issues?

Scoot Skins allow the sole to breathe due to air circulation which helps prevent the build up of bacteria or fungus. The soles can also be flushed and medication applied during the five week setting.

What are the gluing tips for fitting Scoot Skins?

As with all glue ons correct hoof preparation is necessary. The hooves should be cleaned and buffed to remove all moisture, grease and dirt. A rough surface will also aid in glue attachment. The inside of the Skins should be cleaned with an alcohol based solvent cleaner to remove contaminants and then buffed to create a rough surface to aid glue bonding.

Do the side vents in the Scoot Skins interfere with the gluing process?

The side vents actually provide a huge advantage when gluing. You place masking tape over the vents on the outside and this allows glue to penetrate this area and form a plug which adds to glue strength.

Recommended Glue?

There are a number of glues available that can be used. Vettec Adhere is the fastest, drying glue which sets in approximately 60 seconds. Another recommended glue frequently used is Equibond which sets in approximately three minutes.

What area of the inside of Skins should be glued?

We strongly recommend that the bottom 15mm or just over 5/8" above the sole of the Skins should be kept glue free. It is vital glue is not allowed to get under the sole of the hoof as any lumps of glue are likely to cause bruising.

Where can I purchase Glue?

See the following links



How to glue your Scoot Skins

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