Scoot Mud Strap


$25.00 USD

What is the purpose of the Mudstrap

The mudstrap is designed to help prevent the boot being pulled off due to an overreach, or sucked off when riding through mud. It is the primary source of securement. The strap is made of very strong thermoplastic urethane (TPU) and is designed to stretch when placed under load, so the strap will not affect the horse’s pasterns if secured correctly.

What is included in the Mud Strap

3 mud straps (includes 1 spare strap)

How do you secure the Mud Strap

Click HERE to view a demonstration

What size Mud Straps do I need

220mm XX Small - fits 00, 0
230mm Extra Small - fits sizes 1, 2
240mm Small - fits sizes 3, 4
250mm Medium - fits sizes 5, 6
260mm Large - fits sizes 7, 8
270mm Extra Large - fits sizes 9, 10

Note -  ensure you can run a finger under the strap around the periphery of the pastern. If this is not possible you will have to go up a size. If you can easily run two fingers around the periphery then you may have a size too big.

If you have any queries about fit you can send us your pics of a fitted strap to for advice. 

Perfect fit - you will achieve maximum retention
Too big - the straps will pull off the hoof with minimum tension
Too small - if too tight, excessive pressure may be placed on the front strap and it may come undone. Note under extreme pressure, for safety reasons the straps will release to avoid injury

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