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Scottish Endurance Rides

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I love distance horse travel and endurance riding in the Highlands of Scotland, UK. Since their arrival on the market I have used a number of different hoof boots over the years (Easyboot, Renigade, Fusion etc.) and I am always interested in new developments. So I was keen to try the Scoot Boot when it became available. I liked the look of a number of features that helped with use for distance riding; self flushing, easy fit, low maintenance and a developer keen to get feedback to help improve the boot! Since mid 2015 I have been using them with Maisie,14.3 hh Morgan mare (front in all photos) and Boysie 15.1 hh Morgan gelding. After careful fitting and a wearing in period in 2015, the boots have worked very well over all ground. With hoof width less than length on both horses which can cause problems with twisting / rubbing with any type of boot, I used a hoof size template (taken after farrier trim) to accurately add a filling of safe rubber mastic (white) to create an exact fit at the sides (see photo). It prevents any twisting and sorted the problem particularly well with the Scoot Boot.This is best done with specialist hoof trimmer / farrier help. I have used them for endurance events up to 38 ml / 60 km, distance horse travel trips up to 100 ml / 160 km and training rides 3 or 4 times a week. I have recently completed a 200 mile / 10 day distance horse travel trip through the glens and hills of northern Scotland with both horses using Scoot Boots, particularly on the gravel / stone paths and tracks. But ground covered also included rough mountain trails and a few Scottish bogs! Maisie has now worn out a pair of boots 800 ml / 1,300 km plus over nine months

David Tidmarsh, Scotland


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