Healthier Hooves

As most of you know, Flicka used to be shoed till the end of last year. But for several reasons I was planning to switch to barehoof for a while. Thanks to my amazing sponsor @scootbootsdownunder the switch from shoed to barehoof was nearly without problems and went very well. Even our farrier said, that Flickas hooves became much healthier than before 👍
That's why I am really happy to tell you that @scootbootsdownunder has something for you. With the code FLICKA10 you get 10% discount on your order! And on top ScootBoots will pay your customs fees, if you have to pay customs fees in your country. So you won't have to pay the customs fees for your ScootBoots 👍
Thanks to the very detailed sizing service with video instructions how to measure the hooves and ideas when to do this and so on, the sizing team finds the perfect sizes for your horse. And if it isn't immediatly the right size, the nice ScootBoots team will help you to get the correct boots & a good solution for everyone.
So to every owner of a barehoof horse or those who want to become one: I can definetly recommend the ScootBoots from the bottom of my heart. And with ScootBoots paying your costums fees + the 10% discount with FLICKA10 there is no reason not to become a part of #teamscootboots anymore 😉

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