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Can't be recommend enough!

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Rudy and I LOVE Scoot Boots

I cannot recommend Scoot Boots highly enough and the customer service I received is second to none.
I found them very lightweight, super easy to put on, do up, undo and take off and they are so easy to clean. I think they look great and some people didn't even realise Rudy was wearing them.
Rudy didn't take any notice the first time I put them on and he moves beautifully while wearing them.
It’s so wonderful not having to worry about stony or uneven hard ground while out hacking or wearing his feet down too much as we do a lot of road work.
Rudy used to rush down hills, now he walks down very sure-footed and confidently because of his Scoots. He can be a sensitive soul and having the Scoots gives me peace of mind, knowing his feet are protected from varying terrain while out hacking, as well as training at home and away for Dressage competitions.
To make sure I had the correct size, I simply took photos of Rudy's feet with a tape measure placed width and then length ways and emailed the photo's to Scoot Boots. I received my Scoots in no time at all.
Now Rudy and I can enjoy our time riding no matter the terrain.
Feel free to ask me about Rudy's Scoots or contact Scoot Boot via their Facebook.
Happy Scooting bare footers.
Scoot Boot

Bella Giles-Smith
Bella UK Dressage Rider

Bella Giles-Smith, United Kingdom


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