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Scoot Boots - TestimonialsWow! Wow! Wow! Am so impressed with Scoot boots. Why on earth would anyone want to shoe their horse when they can use Scoot boots? Feel sure once everyone finds out about them, everyone will change over. They are incredibly easy compared to the old style boots and the horses ride like they are not there.
I have just completed an 8 mile sponsored ride on my young pony over all terrain including mud and deep water. No chaffing, rubbing or soreness and the boots remained firmly fixed. My pony actually proved more surefooted in his boots than those shod (including some with studs) as others slipped around him on muddy slopes.

As a baby he made many swerves and twists into the “scary” jumps and the boots remained solid despite being twisted. As I train my horse’s classically, in their schooling they are frequently crossing their legs or reining back. I am impressed that there is no interference with these close fitting, non-bulky boots.
They are incredibly easy and quick to fit and remove. Anyone with sore or weak fingers (or in fact anyone) will find they are easier to put on if you put a hoof pick through the holes and slide them over the fasteners. It takes no longer than picking a horse’s feet out.

There is so much proof nowadays that shoeing a horse damages the horse’s legs in the long term due to the concussive structures being compromised. I will never return to shoeing my horses and happily recommend Scoot boots to anyone – whatever their discipline. Anyone who wants the best for their horse will use them. Oh, and financially they are comparable to shoeing as they last so well. Catherine Edwardes and her horse Toffee from the UK

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