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"I love these boots"

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I love these boots. My horse has been barefoot for more than 5 years but has flat thoroughbred type feet and we need boots for hacking on anything mildly stony. He also brushes as he has poor conformation and is base narrow. We have tried 3 other types of boot over the years but always had issues with slipping in the wet Welsh terrain and the weight when wet. The boots are very light and easy to carry if you wanted to wear them only when necessary and will fit in my saddlebags. They are more substantial than the website images suggest, with a deep tread that looks so far to be extremely hard wearing. . They were perfect at the Endurance GB Red Dragon ride on the often slippery moorland and coped well in the varying and undulating terrain and they haven’t rubbed at all. They don’t weigh any more when wet which is perfect for my horse as at 23 he tires and drags his toes in heavy boots. They also just need dipping in a bucket of water to clean, so brilliant for me too. I am so impressed with Scoot boots I have also bought a set for my other horse that only needs them occasionally.

Karen Carmarthenshire, West Wales


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