Tevis Cup winner Jeremy Reynolds joins Scoot Boot Trail Heroes

Five times Tevis Cup winner Jeremy Reynolds is the second world-acclaimed trail rider to sign as an official Scoot Boot Trail Hero.

Scoot Boot, the world’s leading supplier of equine hoof boots, made the announcement this week after following the rider’s success for a number of years. 

Jeremy and his beloved horse named Treasured Moments finished first at this year’s Tevis Cup, held on July 29, just eight minutes ahead of Gabriela Blakely.

The rider from  Dunnellon Florida is a regular customer of Scoot Boots often using them as ‘spare tyres’ on rides such as the grueling 100 km Tevis Cup across the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

The ride from Soda Springs to Confluence had competitors winding their way through the challenging terrains of Pucker Point and the picturesque stretch from Last Chance to Michigan Bluff. 

As a Scoot Boot Trail Hero, Jeremy will play an important role in inspiring trail riders all around the world and sharing his knowledge and experience. 

Scoot Boot Chief Executive Officer, Annette Kaitinis said as a strong advocate for the welfare of all equine she and her team were impressed with Jeremy’s horsemanship to do the Tevis Cup without a bridle and just a neck rope.

“This shows how skilled a rider Jeremy is and his amazing connection with his horse,” Ms Kaitinis said.

“We look forward to working with Jeremy and congratulate him for all his achievements this year.”

Trail riders will soon be able to follow their Trail Heroes in real-time on Scoot Boot’s interactive map and have access to the images and first-hand experiences and advice while out on the trails.