Celebrating 10 years of customer service excellence in the Netherlands

Happy 10th anniversary to EquiShoen in the Netherlands which is owned by longtime Scoot Boot Stockist, Marjanka Lever. 

At Scoot Boot we always applaud customer service excellence when we see it, and EquiShoen is a great recent example. 

One of Marjanka’s customers presented this handmade card in recognition of her 10 years of doing business, supporting the equestrian community across the Netherlands and wider Europe. The card is an actual painting of a Scoot Boot on the artist’s horse.

"Dear Marjanka (+team),

Thank you for all the help you have offered, and the trust. We hope to make many miles with our boots. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. With love, Marina Kapteijn (Mellon & Morris)."

Marjanka’s business has been growing each year since she joined as a Scoot Boot Stockist. She’s now preparing for her biggest Scoot Boot Summer yet!