Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria

PHHWV, the story so far.

Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria Inc. (PHHWV) was established by Val Collingwood in 1973 after she rescued a “supposedly” aged buck jumper who she named “Hope”. Tragically Hope died three weeks after being rescued, the result of suffering from a massive worm infestation. Hope was only three years old.

Since then, the need for the assistance of PHHWV throughout Victoria has continued to grow.  PHHWV now has over 400 members, with a large number volunteering their time to help rescue and rehabilitate horses and educate the community on horse welfare issues.  

PHHWV aims to assist owners through education, support and advice on how to rehabilitate their own horses; to provide emergency care, treatment and assistance to horses; rescue and rehabilitate any horse found abandoned, sick, injured or mistreated; to educate the community on the plight of neglected horses, and to contribute to the development of improved government legislation and policy.

PHHWV continues to provide vital services which improve the lives of neglected horses in the state of Victoria.  All of our work is undertaken by volunteers and is reliant on memberships, donations and fundraising to continue the work we have done so effectively since 1973.  We are now so privileged to have sponsorship from Scoot Boots that will greatly assist in the rehabilitation of the horses we rescue.