Understanding the Equine Foot Part 10

Hi All .. well, this is the 2nd to the last video in this educational series by Linda Harris of TACT Hoof care. 

This is all about how we get imbalances in the foot. 

The previous 9 videos can be found starting here:


When the hooves are imbalanced it means altered gaits and way of going for the horse. 

Altered gaits and way of going means poor performance and, maybe more importantly, discomfort for the horse in some manner. 

Imbalanced hooves affect the WHOLE body of the horse - not JUST the hooves and the manner in which the horse moves. 

From poll to croup to hindquarters ... imbalanced hooves can wreak havoc and produce many mysteries if the hoof care person and/or the veterinarian do not understand about the importance of balanced hooves and how they DO affect the horse. 

And I think we ALL know what veterinary, chiropractic, equine massage, bodywork bill, injections, herbs and more can all do to our pocketbooks. 

There's a saying ... "Equus Keepus Poorus" ... pretty accurate, wouldn't you say?  ESPECIALLY when dealing with a 'mystery lameness'. 

I feel its imperative for owners and trainers to understand what the BALANCED hoof looks like and ... what makes it balanced.  In doing so we can save our horses a lot of discomfort and ourselves a lot of heartaches and headaches. AND ... save a lot of money in the meantime, too. 

That's ALWAYS a plus! 

In this series we've been looking at the internal foot ... and how the capsule shows us exactly what is going on inside of it. 

It's pretty amazing. 


So, settle down for about 40 mins to watch this video and then we can discuss. 

Please don't be shy -- any questions or comments I'm happy to hear and help if I can. 

Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate is the best-selling author of 10 Secrets to Healthy Hooves as well as a noted author for various international equine publications including The Horses Hoof, Equine Wellness, Natural Horse Planet as well as a contributing author for the 2001 United States Federal Mounted Border Patrol Training Manual. For the last 37+ years, she has maintained healthy hooves with natural trimming on thousands of horses and specialized in pathological rehabilitation hoofcare for the last 20 years. She and her husband John keep a small herd of their own equine in SW Florida and continue to offer consults for horses in need. You can email to Gwen -- gwen.santagate@gmail.com or telephone in the US (239)-573-9687. For further information please click here:  www.thepenzancehorse.com

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