Hoof Boots as a Spare Tyre

You’ve planned your entire trip out in detail. You’ve gotten time off work, found a sitter for your pets and planned meals for the family. You know where you’re leaving your trailer, your riding buddies are confirmed, and camping spots are marked on the map. You’ve packed food for both you and your horse and your horse just got a fresh set of shoes. You’ve thought of every possible scenario and know that you’re well prepared.

Finally, the big day comes and you’re off! After several hours in transit, you arrive at the trail head. You are so excited to get going, you can hardly stand it! Now nothing stands in the way of your long-awaited 7-day adventure with your best four-legged friend. 

You start off and everything is going even more smoothly than expected. The weather is perfect and the views are to die for. What could be better?

After your lunch stop at an especially picturesque spot you’re on your way again. In the midst of a pleasant conversation, the friend riding behind you gasps and gives you a trail-rider’s least favorite news. Your horse has thrown a shoe!

Does this mean that your adventure is over? Is your only option to turn around and return home? No, not you. You’ve prepared for this possibility. You dismount and pull a Scoot Boot out of your saddle bag. In less than 30 seconds, you’ve secured the boot to your horse’s hoof, checked that the fit is right and you’re back on your way knowing that your horse’s foot is protected and supported. Your ride can continue as planned!

Scoot Boots are a great backup option for owners who keep their horses shod. At some point in their life, nearly every horse will throw a shoe. Having Scoot Boots ready to go will keep your horse’s foot protected until the shoe can be replaced. Whether you’re on the trail or your farrier is simply unavailable, Scoot Boots can operate as a “spare tyre” keeping your horse’s hoof protected and supported. 

Designed to support the foot quickly and easily, a properly fitted Scoot Boot is the quickest and easiest hoof boot on the market to put on. They are as easy to put on as slipping on a sandal. You can see how simple the process is here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOtgwbxAUGQ

Unlike other boots, Scoot Boots can attach to your saddle for rides away from the barn. If your horse throws a shoe on the trail, there are no farriers hiding behind trees ready to put it back on again. Scoot Boots can be stored away in a saddle bag or clipped directly to your saddle for those times when your horse needs extra support and protection to complete a ride. Relax and enjoy adventures with your equine partner knowing that you have a backup method of protecting their feet, should they need it. 

Scoot Boots were created by horse people for horse people. Dave Macdonald, creator and designer of Scoot Boots, trained to be a farrier in the US and spent 15 years in the industry before heading on his barefoot journey. Scoots Boots are the leaders in hoof boot technology and in the several years since Scoot Boot's launch, they have become the boot of choice for the majority of riders!

Scoot Boots offer such complete support that there are elite show jumpers jumping successfully in Scoots at the grand prix level as well as elite endurance riders using Scoots in competition. See our blog for some of these riders’ experiences with Scoot Boots!

Not only do Scoot Boots provide superior traction and strength over all types of terrain, they are the only boots where mud doesn’t seep in underneath when riding in soggy areas. They are also designed with no wires, cables, cloth or velcro to break or adjust.

You can see if they are still in place at a quick glance, since the straps come in highly visible colors. No need to dismount to check that your horse’s foot is still protected!

Better yet, once your horse’s lost shoe is replaced and it is time to return your Scoot Boots to storage, they couldn’t be easier to clean. They are a one-piece moulding and can simply be hosed clean after use.

To ensure that your Scoot Boots fit properly when they are needed, Scoot Boot is proud to offer a free sizing service for your horse. To get sized and order a Scoot Boot to have on hand for your equine partner, start here.

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