Life as a Horse

Neigh...I'm Lufty or formally Lufthansa S and this here is my human Kim. She and I have been a team for 4 years now and she bought me off a World Cup Showjumping stable where I was kept very unnaturally...Full stabling, Intense Work and rugging etc and even had Qld itch so I had no mane when Kim came along. Luckily she loved me for me even when I wasn't looking my most handsome self. Thankfully Kim let me be a horse, giving me a 50acre paddock, running with some new pals and get this, she took off my shoes!! I now go barefoot everywhere and absolutely love it!! We pretty much hit it off, just with a minor glitche.. I was used to a huge guy jumping me over big jumps so I got quite strong to ride, well Kim is only 5", so the harsh bit I was getting ridden in didn't do much when she was on board and thankfully she was determined to help make a change. Instead of trying an even harsher bit she went bitless!! Yes...we leant together to become soft and light..even over the 1.4m jumps. I'm such a happy horse and Kim looks pretty happy now too... But then she had an even crazier idea and that was to go with no bridle at all!! I had my doubts but it was amazing and now we fly over jumps bridless having the time of our lives!! So I would absolutely love a pair of Scoot boots because now we have so many more off road adventures to discover and would love to show them off to all our barefooted friends.

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