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OK Folks -- here is your chance to see just how much of the Equine Digit you know. Can you label all these parts?  Just for fun!  See what you know.  Write your answers below in the comments section.  I'll be back by the end of the week to give you the proper labels. :) 

I'll have a surprise for all of you who answer correctly. ;)   1-2-3 GO! 

Quiz is closed/over on Friday, August 12th at midnite.  USA Eastern Time. 


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  • Gwenyth Santagate: August 16, 2016

    A — P1/1st Phalange/Long Pastern

    B — P2/2nd Phalange/Short Pastern

    C — Extensor Tendon

    D — P3/3rd Phalange/Coffin bone

    E — Apex or Sole

    F — Toe,Outer Hoof Wall

    G — Flexor Tendon

    H — Navicular Bone

    I — Digital Cushion

    J — Heel

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