Are Scoot Boots Cheaper Than Shoeing?

Scoot Boots Are ‘Too Expensive’ 

“Scoot Boots are too expensive. They sound great and I wish I could use them, but I just can’t justify the cost”. 


This is the number one objection we hear from many horse owners who are considering buying Scoot Boots. If we had a dollar every time we heard this.... well, we would have a lot of dollars! All jokes aside, it’s always surprising to us when someone has this common misconception.


We truly do want the best for both you and your horse, and we know Scoot Boots are the best solution on the market to protect your horses hooves and keep them healthy. 


We also know that they are actually a cost effective solution to a sound horse with protected feet. We want to bust this ‘too expensive’ myth for good! 



So, Let's do the Math 

For the purposes of this article, we are going to work out the cost savings for our customers in the United States Dollars (USD), but the numbers are similar in all countries. In the United States, the cost of shoeing and trimming varies drastically between regions. For this example, we are using the average costs in the United States, which is $60.00 USD for a trim and $150.00 USD for a set of shoes. This amount will differ depending on your location, it may be cheaper or more expensive, but you can compare these costs against what your farrier or barefoot trimmer charges.


A Barefoot Trim:

A barefoot trim performed on a horse's hoof 


A Set of Shoes:

A farrier performing a hot shoe on a horse's hoof


If you live somewhere else, or the prices we’ve used don’t reflect the trimming/shoeing costs near you, we invite you to do the math for yourself and write your results in the comments below!


Let’s start with looking at the costs over a 1 year period. On average, horses need to be trimmed, on average, every 6 weeks. So, if you are paying for a trim and a set of shoes every 6 weeks for 1 year, you will end up with a yearly cost of about $1,300.00 USD.


If you transition your horse to barefoot instead, and only pay for a barefoot trim every 6 weeks for 1 year, you will end up with a yearly cost of about $520.00 USD. If your horse is barefoot, it may require hoof boots, such as Scoot Boots, to give it extra protection and support. One pair of Scoot Boots will cost $200.00 USD. So, for a new pair of Scoot Boots and all of your barefoot trims over a one year period, you are looking at a cost of $720.00 USD. That gives you a savings of $580.00 USD over a one year period!


Here’s the breakdown:


Metal Shoes Over 1 Year Period: 

A set of metal shoes for one year - $1,300.00 USD


Barefoot and Booted Over 1 Year Period: 

Barefoot trims for one year - $520.00 USD

One pair of Scoot Boots - $200.00 USD

Total - $720.00 USD


Cost Savings: 

Cost Savings - $580.00 USD!


A group of black and brown horses splashing orange, red, and green Scoot Boots through muddy water


Now, let’s look at a second year with Scoot Boots. For most horse owners, a pair of Scoot Boots will last several years with regular riding. So, for this second year, we will not include the cost of a new pair of Scoot Boots. For a full year of trims with a set of shoes, the full, yearly cost is still about $1,300.00 USD. For a full year of barefoot trims, the end cost is about $520.00 USD. In year two, you would have a cost savings of around $780.00 USD!


Looking over a full two year period (the average life of Scoot Boots), this is the cost breakdown:


Metal Shoes Over 2 Year Period: 

A set of metal shoes for two years - $2,600.00 USD


Barefoot and Booted Over 2 Year Period: 

Barefoot trims for two years - $1,040.00 USD

One pair of Scoot Boots - $200.00 USD

Total - $1,240.00 USD


Cost Savings: 

Cost Savings - $1,360.00 USD!



How Long Will Scoot Boots Last for my Horse?

The Scoot Boot shell and securing straps are made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which has excellent abrasion and shock absorbing abilities. Scoot Boots do not have any components that will break off.


The durability of any hoof boot will depend on the type of terrain you ride on, and gait of your horse. If your horse has a floating movement, then the boots will last several years with occasional riding. If your horse scuffs and twists its feet, then the Scoot Boots will wear slightly faster. If you participate in endurance riding, you can expect to get up to 600 miles (1,000 kilometres) use from a pair of Scoot Boots. Again, this will depend on how light your horse is on its feet.  


What Maintenance is Required for a Pair of Scoot Boots? 

Every pair of Scoot Boots is sold with spare rivets, screws and knob hooks for easy replacement. If repairs are needed for your Scoot Boots, they can be completed with a regular screwdriver. No special tools or extra supplies are needed. 



Do you Need Multiple Pairs of Scoot Boots for Your Horse? 

No, just one pair of Scoot Boots will be sufficient for your horse. Scoot Boots are excellent on all types of terrain including, but not limited to mud, sand, water, rocks, desert, and snow.


A brown horse in an endurance race wearing pink Scoot Boots galloping through water 


Unlike other hoof boots on the market that contain cloth or leather pieces, there is no wait time when you clean your Scoot Boots. After a ride, they can simply be hosed off along with your horse.





In the end, we all want to do what is best for our horse, regardless of the effect it has on our wallet. We know that you’ll see a cost savings benefit by keeping your horse barefoot and booted, but is that lifestyle actually better for them in the long run?

More and more research is being done that shows the massive improvement in hoof health associated with keeping horses barefoot, rather than being shod. Scoot Boot’s blog features countless success stories from horse owners that made the decision to transition their horse to barefoot and have seen incredible, positive changes as a result. They’ve seen improved soundness, healthier hooves and even a full recovery from debilitating conditions such as navicular. We invite you to read some of these stories here.


Not only are you setting yourself up for cost savings in regular hoof maintenance, but you are helping to ensure that unexpected (and expensive) hoof related medical issues don’t suddenly arise. Issues such as navicular, laminitis, ligament and tendon stress and joint problems can be avoided and reduced with proper barefoot trimming, while shoeing can exacerbate these issues, leading to expensive veterinary and farrier charges. 

A healthy horse with healthy hooves is every horse owner’s ultimate goal. At Scoot Boot, we also have your horse’s best interests at heart. That’s why we have taken such care in the design of our hoof boots. We want your horse to live their best, most full life, and we want to help you get them there.


Two brown horses wearing pink Scoot Boots on gravel


Yes, keeping your horse barefoot and booted instead of shod will save you money, but, more importantly, it will keep your horse’s hooves healthy and protected over any terrain, in any conditions. 

If you would like to learn more about Scoot Boots, to see if they would be a good solution for your horse, please reach out to us here. Our knowledgeable staff are here to help.


A group of women riding black and brown horses wearing Scoot Boots down a gravel trail


Building a Supportive Barefoot Community

The team at Scoot Boot believe passionately in the barefoot horse and strive to build a supportive community of barefoot horse lovers.

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