Thinking about going Scootin this Northern winter or riding in hot Australian summer conditions?

There are many good reasons why you should and one of these is a great booting experience.

Scoots boots have many advantages over our competitors' boots no matter what your riding discipline. Scoot Boots are the closest boot you can get to having no boots at all. Riders continually give us feedback that their horse does not know they are wearing boots. This is because of the simple lightweight design that is very unobtrusive and is just like wearing a second skin.

Most barefoot riders who ride off road, especially in winter, have very muddy conditions to contend with and as a result encounter the normal boot issues such as boots filling up with water and mud sticking to the boots. This makes the boots very heavy and gives the impression the horse is wearing soggy cabbages on their hooves. This extra weight also interferes with the horse's natural way of going and creates extra work for the horse. Then to top off the experience a boot is sucked off in the mud and then the searching process commences.

Had enough of this? Time to get Scootin!

Scoot boots are featherweight whether riding through mud or water. Because of the Scoot Boot's unique features, mud cannot stick to Scoot Boots nor can water be retained. Then there is the unprecedented security. Scoot Booters love the fact that there is not a boot on the market that has this level of security. We are continually told by our customers that they just seem to stick to the hooves! We are also told by many of our customers that they do not even use the security (pastern) strap.

Then there is the opposite type of riding conditions. If you are riding in the hot Australian summer hooves will get very hot in traditional hoof boots. Not with Scoots. They are the coolest boot on the market with the best ventilation.

To top off your experience each pair of Scoots come with a complimentary pair of Trail gaiters to take care of any rubbing issues (if your horse has sensitive skin or you are riding long distances). Our Trail Gaiters are very easy to attach. We also now stock Endurance Gaiters which can be purchased in our Gaiter Pack for endurance riding.


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